Herbal Testostorone Booster for Everyone

Reign Herbal Testosterone Booster

Muscle Growth, Gain, Energy, Weight Loss, Fat Burner, and Libido Enhancement powder that is Organic & Vegan.


This product is designed for ALL men and women! Here’s why.

Most testosterone boosters target men who are trying to build muscle and improve their sex drive. But there is so much more to testosterone’s role in the body for both men and women.

Male testosterone levels are declining at higher rates than anywhere else in the world! Synthetic components in processed foods, added hormones, sedentary lifestyles, soy products and contaminated water and air contribute to lower testosterone levels.

Testosterone is vital for good health.  It provides the foundation for memory recall and clarity of thought, bone and muscle mass, sexual function, sperm count, blood flow, certain liver functions, prostate health, strength and sustained energy.

The range for male testosterone blood test results is 280 – 1100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). However, according to WebMD, “Mar 15, 2017 – A normal testosterone level for you will depend on your gender and age. Normal total testosterone results in adult men: Ages 19 to 49 — 249 – 836 nanograms per decileter (ng/dL) Ages 50 and older — 193 – 740 ng/dL.”

Are you lead to believe that by age 49, your testosterone levels should be less than normal?
When testosterone levels drop below 270, the unearned fatigue and brain fog are apparent to nearly everyone around you. It is not normal to experience such low levels at such a young age. A testosterone level that low belongs to someone over the age of 95 not 49!


  • Reign Herbal Testosterone Booster helps stimulate testosterone production. Each wholesome, Non-GMO herb was chosen to provide exceptional results.
    • After the first 3 to 5 days of using Reign Herbal Testosterone Booster™, mental clarity and less brain fog becomes a noticeable improvement.
    • Increased energy becomes apparent within the first 5 to 8 days.
    • Enhanced libido and sexual performance increases and a feeling of better health can be enjoyed after approximately 10 to 15 days.

Customers using Reign Herbal Testosterone Booster™ on a consistent basis report

  • hair loss has become minimized or no longer an issue
  • less grey hair
  • better bowel movements
  • muscle growth
  • easier memory recall
  • improved stamina
  • more intense orgasms
  • harder erections
  • weight loss
  • clearer skin

Clinically Proven

REIGN Herbal Testosterone Booster is specifically designed with highly researched and clinically proven herbs for supporting healthy testosterone levels.

Organic & Wild Harvested

Pure, Organic and Wild Harvested herbs. NO Fillers. NO chemicals. Non-GMO. Easy for the body to absorb.


Organic Maca Root, Organic American Ginseng, Organic Horny Goat Weed, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Fo Ti, Wild Harvested Muira Puama and Catauba Bark.

Easy to Use on Any Schedule

Easy to use. Add powder to smoothies, juice, applesauce, tea, coffee or on the first few bites of your meal.



Finally a Testosterone Booster for Everyone

Effective for Men and Women

“Tried 5 different products, including Ageless Male. Reign works the best – only one that did work. Best price, great product.”

Jeff Black, Mechanicsburg, PA

“I do deliveries in this area every other month. Always buy 2 or 3 refill bags when I get to town. Don’t want to run out. Works great and much cheaper than Ageless Male – Which didn’t work for me at all.” Douglas Cramer, Frederick, MD

After doing some research on herbs for low T, I came across your product, Reign.  It had a pretty good mix of herbs and decided to try it.  Glad I did.  Feel better than I did five years ago. Michael Misner, Orlando, FL

Started experiencing ED at 42.  People said it was part of aging.  Dad was 63 when I was born. Figured something was wrong with me. My girlfriend bought Reign when she went to see her college friend in PA.  Reign works.  ED gone. Kid on the way. Baby mama is 28. 😊 Tony Vercelli, Newark, NJ

“Starting seeing results in 3 to 4 days. Add it to my coffee every morning.” James Martin, Ranson, WV

“Great product. Add it to my coffee every morning. Stopped losing my hair, more energy. ” Phil Singleton, Des Moines, IA

Could tell a difference in 3 days!  Great product! Marvin Milsap

I bought Reign for help with T levels. Got more results than anticipated.  Energy, lost weight, more alert, look good, feel good, even go to the bathroom regularly. Happy with the product. Marty, Williamsport, MD

“Bought a jar after hearing a guy in here say how well it worked. Then he bought 4 refill bags and put his money where his mouth was. He was right. Best testosterone product I’ve ever used. Still using it every day.” Harold Yates, Hagerstown, MD

“I really had my doubts but gave Reign a try.  Three months later, lost 14 lbs, more energy, just generally feel better. Didn’t start running again but am confident I will.  Customer for life.  Thanks.” Jeffrey Smith, Sussex, NJ

This stuff works so good my wife said if she dies first and I remarry, I won’t be able to afford all the children I’ll make! Even my hair is getting darker.  Feel 10 years younger. Joseph Alverez, Miami, FL

Product is great. Can you make the jar bigger?! LOL Gary McCullough